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What is Songr?

We've all had those days where we've ran through all our songs; getting tired of listening to that one artist over and over on shuffle. Even after digging through iTunes, there's still no music! Well, Songr helps with exactly that. It doesn't matter if you're a stay at home dad, or a soccer mom, or a pirate on trial; everybody can easily submit what they're listening to and share it with the world. Visitors can then bump the song up or down, letting other visitors know whether the song is good or bad.

How does it work?

It's quite simple, really. To browse songs, you can simply navigate your way around from the homepage - every song is conveniently sorted into its own separate genre for your ease. If you wish to submit a song, which you can do so either with an account or annonymously, just head on over to the submit page.

How do I add a song?

Click submit, or click here. Either way works.

Where do I get the YouTube videos from?

Search and get it from YouTube

I see something inappropriate, what do I do?

To begin with, click the red button entitled "flag". If this doesn't resolve your problems psychologically, talk to a trusted adult.

What if I spot abuse or typo of sorts? Or a missing YouTube video?

See previous question.